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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 27, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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really foggy. 40s and 50s we'll end up in the 60s. here is sal. right now highway 4 traffic is moving along nicely here as you drive through the bay point area. you can see the fog is not here in this part of the bay. it certainly is in others. we'll explain. this is a look at well whatever this is it's san mateo. san mateo bridge. very foggy conditions on the bridge. if you are driving across this bridge or dumbarton bridge be ware. let's go to claudine wong who is at the richmond san rafael bridge. it's foggy there. right claudine? >> reporter: that is right. all you can see is a wall of fog as people approach. we are on the san rafael side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. we came from richmond up to 80 and then things got foggy. you can see people kind of heading into that fog they hit their brakes because all of a sudden they can't see anything.
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the richmond, san rafael bridge. one of the bridges that are experiencing these kind of conditions. chp put out an advisory those areas always get socked in on fog. conditions are such you will want to slow down. you will take extra time and remember even though it feels clear, all of a sudden you will hit one of the pockets of fog and you will slow down. hard to see here. we are on the other side of the bridge. you k. see it through the fog. what we will do now is head up to the carquinez bridge. there is a fog advisory issued up there. we'll take a look at conditions and check back with you in a little bit. our time now 5:01. homicide detectives are busy this morning investigating the first homicide of 2012. it happened last night on chattic avenue. noelle walker is there now. police are starting to wrap up their investigation. noelle. >> reporter: yeah they just left here within the last half
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hour. berkeley's first homicide of the year happened here at the corner of chattic and 'em rick. police were still on the scene at 4:30 this morning. most of their investigation was concentrated on a fourth floor apartment. police say 911 dispatch was flooded with calls to report shots fired just before 7:00 last night. it appears the victim was targeted. >> patrol officers got here fairly quickly and community members pointed out a male victim who had suffered several gunshot wounds. >> reporter: he died at the hospital. police are not releasing his name expect to say he's in his 30s. there are no arrests in this case so far. if you know anything, if you heard anything, even if it seems insignificant police want to hear from you. reporting live in berkeley
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noelle walker. 5:02. today we may find out the name of a man who's body was found near stanford hospital. he apparently been dead for some time. police say they do not suspect foul play. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi won't be staying with his wife or little boy any time soon. a judge refused to lift the court order that bars him from having any contact with his wife or two-year-old son while he awaits trial on domestic violence charges. mirkarimi spoke outside the courtroom shortly after the ruling. >> we will continue to commit to fight this but as i said since moment one the only way i can is to let the process unfold and do so here in the courts. >> now prosecutors have opposed lifting state siting an e-mail
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that mirkarimi's wife wrote to in an e-mail. she said she found her son well, hungry, and sick after leaving her in mirkarimi's care for with hours. at one point the toddler was left alone in a car. the newly hired lawyer says an earlier investigation found those allegations to be untrue. 5:03. this morning president obama will tell us more about his plan to make sure a college education is affordable. coming up at 5:15 we'll have a live report on the threat made by the president in his state of the union speech to colleges and universities that do not control their tuition costs. secretary of state hillary clinton says if president obama is reelected she will not stay on as secretary of state. clinton told state department staffers she is ready for a break after 20 years on the high wire of american politics. but she didn't rule out a return to politics in the future. the bay area battle against
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secondhand smoke is shifting to palo alto. city leaders are considering a tough new ordnance that would ban smoking in all public areas. that would include sidewalks, parking garagessts, and city streets. it would also require a 20-foot nonsmoking buffer around all areas where smoking is banned. mountain view adopted a similar ordnance this weekend. nightclub goers in san francisco warned now to take precautions after an increase in thefts. inspector with the city's entertainment commission says thefts are common but they have gone up in the past six months. they are encouraging club goers keep your belongings with you or use the coat check service if it's available. cal tran is asking san mateo voters to approve a sales tax increase to help cut down its deficit. increased ridership gave cal train a 25% increase in revenue
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but the agency still faces an operating deficit. cal train will conduct surveys in the coming months to see if voters in san mateo county would approve a sales tax increase. another idea on the table is for a sales tax increase in all three counties served by cal train. let's go to sal. we all had a tricky drive this morning because of fog in certain areas. >> it is foggy in many areas, dave. visibility is good. you know tendency to turn the windshield wipers on to say that will go away but it won't. we are kind of seeing a little bit of the east shore freeway here. it is still pretty foggy. we will only see a small portion of it. at the bay bridge you can tell it's foggy. the traffic is going to be a little slow. pardon me? all right. westbound bay bridge is going to be moving along pretty well. and this mornings commute in san jose northbound 280 getting
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up to highway 17 that traffic is moving well. now for the weekend forecast. i like the way that sounds, steve. >> i'm hearing voices, sal. >> that has been happening to me for years. thank you. higher elevations there is already gusts to 50 miles an hour at mount diablo and 30 in the oakland hills. you can see how it lies right down on the deck. so for the morning hours it's going to be thick. we have higher clouds. also north wind out toward vacaville. also out toward stockton. antioch or brentwood. if you are getting any kind of breeze you can tweet me. eventually that will take over and take the fog out of here. we will have a partly cloudy morning. areas of visibility zero to a quarter of a mile. i would think by 9:00 most of this should be gone. 40s to 50s we are getting a big
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difference. still 42 degrees. yet fairfield with a north wind 52. livermore also 52. and down to mountain view at 52. after that after this morning cloud and some of this fog you can see what is happening. high pressure is coming in. we'll have a sunny and warmer weekend. the mornings will be really chilly over the next couple of days. they should be fog free. 60s on the temps today. the wind picks up in the higher elevations. already up there at 20-30 miles an hour. we'll have clearing later on. sunny and nice over the weekend. cold morning though. cooler on monday and tuesday. tiger woods high pressured put it in the national spotlight. how a golf tournament could move up to the next level. z what lawmakers are doing now to make sure protestors don't interrupt military funerals. fog is an issue for the morning commute.
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welcome back. 5:11. the state senate approved legislation that would restrict protest at military funerals. the bill would prohibit picketing within 500 feet of a burial or memorial site. this is all aimed at preventing demonstrations by the west burro baptist church. their church members frequently target military funerals. they claim deaths those deaths
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are god's punishment for the nation's homo sexuality. the legislation now goes to the state assembly. new figures are coming out expecting to show economic growth here in the u.s. ended on a hopeful note in 2011. economist expect the commerce department figures to show the economy grew at an an you'll rate -- annual rate of 3%. that would be an improvement over the summertime when the economy grew 1.8%. they do expect the economy expanded just 1.7% for the entire year. president obama ends his five state tour this morning with a stop at the university of michigan. as ktvu alison burns reports he's detailing his plan to stop steep college tuition increases. allison. >> reporter: that is right. president obama wants to shift some federal money from college and universities that have seen a steep tuition increases to those that are keeping costs
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under control. now this is video euphon on youtube this morning of the long lines in ann harbor to see the president. the president used his state of the union address earlier this week to put colleges on notices they will lose federal help if they don't get tuition under control. >> higher education can't be a luxury. it's an economic impairtive that every family in america should be able to afford. >> reporter: more during my next update in about an hour. alabama saab ktvu channel 2 news. no damage is reported this morning but that is after several small earthquakes rattled part of the quake. a 3 hadn't 4 magnitude quake hit just before 9:30 last night. about 26 miles north of santa rosa. at least five small quakes followed including a magnitude 2.3. two years have passed since magnitude 7 quake hit haiti
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devastating that country. now a study says more powerful earthquakes could be on the way. four earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.6 or higher rocked haiti during the 1700s. they could be entering a similar period ofet quake activity. searching for a man believedover burglar spree. they are look for 21-year-old jose torres. here's his picture. he's a young man. has a thick new york accent. tattoos over his arms and his hands. police issued a $50,000 warrant for his arrest. torres is wanted for at least seven home burglaries in the past month. investigators believe he is hiding in a morgan neighborhood. that suspect henry albert smith junior is due in court
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next week. now tomorrow's memorial walk begins at 8:00 a.m. at the home depot on admiral callahan lane in vallejo. they will be walking 29-miles to vacaville. that is where capoot lived with his wife and daughter. registration is $30. tiger woods' appearance last year helped the event gain popularity. now it could become a full fledge pga stop next year. 5:15. today vallejo high school will create a lasting honor to one of its most famous graduates. they will rename its renovate baseball feed. it will be called cc se past yeah field. he and his wife say they will be at today's ceremony.
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nice. >> yeah. 5:15 is the time. how is the commute? we know it's foggy out there. >> pam, you answered the question i'm going to get coffee. >> hopefully people are slowing down for it. >> they are. as a matter of fact, dave, and pam we do have fog and it's the kind of fog that might make it hard for you to see. you have to slow your speeds and going slow means it will have to add time to your commute. let's go outside and take a look at highway 4. steve said something interesting in his forecast. the winds will blow this fog out of here a little later on this morning. if you can put your commute off. if you have one of the flex schedules you may want to wait awhile. this is a look at highway 4 and interstate 80 at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is going to be -- it's moderately heavy coming down the east shore. this mornings commute on 80 it
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looks pretty good between pinole and richmond. we do have the areas of fog. a north wind some of it is really kicking up in some of the higher elevations. oakland hills out to mount diablo and higher elevations. it's about 20-50 miles an hour. it hasn't made it to the surface yet. parts of fairfield, vacaville, and out to the valley it is. we have higher clouds in the morning but they will be out of here fast. high pressure is building in. the low clears everything out of here as it digs into the east. that will ramp up the north wind 20-40 miles an hour. locally higher gusts before we get to that point we have to deal with fog. visibility in pockets to a quarter of a mile. i think by 9:00 most of this should be gone. look at the difference. santa rosa is 42. yesterday we had mid 50s. it's a different pattern coming in. 40s and 50s. if the wind dies off santa rosa will go in the 30s. 52 for livermore and fairfield
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and some areas held up upper 40s and 50s. there is the northwest wind. north at napa airport as well. it's more of a west, northwest at santa rosa. eventually that will sweep over the area and start to scour out. tomorrow looks sunny and mild to warm after a very chilly morning. everything will be going up and over. you can see the signature of that system run into the wall of high pressure that is moving over us. morning fog sunny and breezy. windy in some of the higher elevations. we will have morning fog and clouds. but that breeze is starting to show itself north and east of it. eventually it will get here. mid 60s for many. tomorrow looks great but it will be noticeably colder in the morning. days look sunny side up and warm. we are just about an hour away. a little more than an hour from the opening bell. stocks are set to open slightly higher after mixed trading
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overseas. many of the european indexes are down after rising unemployment in spain. overnight asian markets closed mostly higher after analysts in hong kong said economic growth here in the u.s. looks healthy. checking on our stocks. here's where we start the day. dow, nasdaq, and s & p slightly reporting down. jp morgan chase is branching out in california according to the san francisco business times this morning. the bank plans to open more than 80 branches in the state hit year. several of them will be here in the bay area. that means 1200 new jobs in california. chase is also offering financial institutions. freezing temperatures in the alaska make fishing dangerous. coast guard rescue caught on camera after one fishing trip became very dangerous.
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some people are complaining of noise near sfo. they say pilots are breaking the rules. while the airport says the pilots don't have a say in the matter. it looks good heading south as you drive to 237. tell you more about the south bay and east bay commute.
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good morning. very foggy for some. not for everybody.
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very foggy we'll give way later on to sunshine. it's already windy in the hills. combination of the two might make it tough in the morning. time now 5:22. new video this morning. check this out. coast guard less cueing four fisherermen stuck in freezing water after they grounded their boat. this happened on wednesday off the coast of kodiak, alaska. the coast guard had to rescue 11 fishermen from two different boats this week because of the really extreme weather conditions in alaska. back here at home a high surf warning for the bay area has expired but it did fuel speculation that the mavericks surf competition may happen soon. organizers say the heavy fog made yesterday's conditions too dangerous. it's too soon to say when the competition will begin. there is a three month window for the mavericks through march 31st. once they determine the conditions are right, surfers
5:24 am
will have 24 hours to get to half-moon bay. the controversy over aircraft noise near san francisco international airport. some people that live in brisbane are complaining about planes heading to los angeles, las vegas, and phoenix. the planes are supposed to fly north for four miles before turning left and then over candle stick and then heading south. but critics say pilots are cutting their routes short and causing extra noise over parts of brisbane. sfo spokesman says if they are told to change their routes, they are required to. >> the problem for us is open airport. required to three miles of air space around them. we have very little margin for error. >> neither sfo or the airlines have any authority in the matter. the route is up to the faa. it will create detours over
5:25 am
the weekend. the san francisco municipal transportation agency will be replacing tracks at market and church streets. you drivers and bicyclists you won't be able to get through the area expect eastbound on market. for muni riders service on the j and f line will be limited and three bus lines will be rerouted. that work should be completed by 5:00 p.m. on monday. the mac world expo continues this weekend. you can check out the latest and hottest items related to mac products. they have branded this event macworld iworld. macworld has been geared toward products for apples macintosh line. this event runs through tomorrow. time now 5:25. we have developing news coming in from san jose. the warning police have put out to students on the campus of one south bay university.
5:26 am
also three people in the hospital this morning after a dramatic rescue that happened at san francisco's ocean beach. and we have a foggy morning this morning across the bay area. we'll show you where the hardest hit areas are and where things may clear out. good morning. traffic on 237 looks very good as you cross 880. we'll tell you more straight ahead. [ male announcer ] southwest makes the call. man: please swipe credit card.
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welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is friday, january 27th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. steve paulson is here with the forecast. >> we are. good morning. we do have on this friday morning really thick fog. they are almost out of the picture. wind has picked up in the higher elevations and that will take care of this fog and we'll have sunshine. watch out for really thick fog around the bay in the morning. here is sal. that really thick fog is not here on highway 4 but it's little misleading because you will be driving along in really clear weather to only get in foggy conditions. very close by. here in contra costa county it's clear. in fact claudine wong is on interstate 80 in contra costa county. they are driving through fog
5:30 am
right now. >> reporter: yeah. coming up interstate 80 we are just it looks like a couple miles away from the carquinez bridge. you can see things look pretty good. this is one of the mornings where you will be coming out in your car and depending where you live you may be saying what are they talking about with this heavy fog? conditions have been different along this drive. we just came from san rafael. want to show you video of the richmond and san rafael. you can see very thick fog along that bridge as you cross into the bridge it just gets you socked in. everyone hits their brakes and then it clears up and then it gets you again. those are the conditions that we're looking at this morning. steve was talking about it clearing up in certain areas first. certainly in some areas you are still going to see problems. that is something to keep in mind as you get in your car and head out this morning. give yourself a little extra
5:31 am
time. take a look back live. this is interstate 80 as we are driving along which is the carquinez bridge. take a lock at this traffic sign. there is a lot of the signs up. chp issued fog advisory. heavy fog on the bridge. we are doing speed. look how clear it is right now. this is a good example of how fast conditions can change, how quickly it goes from clear to foggy and that wall of fog is what gets people in trouble. so if you're behind the wheel just make sure you give yourself extra time and remember it will change quickly. we'll keep driving along and take a look at the conditions along the bay area. we'll check back in with you in a little bit. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. new this morning san jose state sent out an alert to students, faculty, and staff about 30 minutes ago. they say a man entered a dorm room in joe west hall and groped someone. he was last seen on the third
5:32 am
floor. the university says police are on the scene and students in that residence hall should lock their doors. ktvu lorraine blanco is on her way to san jose state to get more information. three people in the hospital this morning after a dramatic rescue at san francisco's ocean beach. a small boat capsized last night shortly after sunset. several people on the beach rushed over to help the boaters who were out there fighting for their lives in rough seas and chilly waters. and the dense fog made it even more difficult. one good samaritan was on his nightly jog when he saw what was happening and ran over to pull one man out of the surf. >> took his clothes off. took my clothes off and wrapped him up in my clothes and kind of held him and started rubbing his body trying to get the circulation going. the three boaters thought to be in their 30s or 40s. all three at uc medical center this morning. one of the boaters is in
5:33 am
critical condition. berkeley police are investigating city's first homicide of the year. a man was found with several gunshot wounds on shat tick avenue just before 7:00 last night. he was taken to high land hospital where he was pronounced dead. berkeley police say it appears the victim was specifically targeted but no arrests have been made. police in vallejo are investigating a string of break ins at businesses on sonoma boulevard. more than a half a dozen businesses were broken into. police say they happened sometime between 9:00 tuesday night and 8:00 wednesday morning. the only thing that was taken were some coins from a check cashing business in a chinese restaurant. more police officers could soon be patrolling downtown walnut creek. contra costa times report that walnut police chief is asking the city council to add two new officers to the force. if approved they would be placed on the downtown beat to
5:34 am
help crack down on recent violence. earlier we reported on one fight involving 15 people outside. a final decision is expected in a few months. time now 5:33. the republican presidential candidates faced off for their last debate in florida ahead of tuesday's primary there. >> i'm willing to challenge any of these gentlemen here to a 25- mile bike ride any time of the day in the heat of texas. >> coming up at 5:30 the reason ron paul challenged his rivals to that bike ride. president obama is down playing his recent encounter with arizona governor jan brewer. >> i think it's always good publicity for a republican if they are in an argument with me. but this was really not a big deal. >> were you tense? >> you know i'm really accused of not being intense enough. >> governor brewer agreed to the president wednesday in arizona. that's where president obama
5:35 am
complained about the way she depicted him in her new book. a third green company backed by the obama administration has filed for bankruptcy. filing comes a year after vice president joe biden visited -- the company makes rechargeable batteries. that company received z $11 million in grants three years ago. there are now two groups gathering signatures fore call oakland's mayor. yesterday an organization calling itself re call jean quan now got the go ahead to begin its petition drive. another group billion slightly different complaints starletted collecting signatures last month. the first group to obtain 20,000 valid signatures will
5:36 am
have -- critics question her leadership skills. 5:35. good news if you commute from the south bay. express toll lanes are scheduled to open in one month. lanes will be along the highway 237 and 880 corridor between dixon landing road and first street. transportation officials tell the mercury news they are working to avoid problems that plague the opening of the express lanes on 680. lanes have been restriped and metering lights are up and running. the new express lanes open february 27th. today petaluma police are cracking down on bicyclists that don't follow the traffic laws. although accidents are down, that city still ranks number eighth on the worst places for bicyclists in the state. police officers will be out looking for violators between 7:00 this morning and 5:00 this evening. 5:36 in the morning. the commute could be a little rough because of the fog. let's check in with sal. >> we were just talking off the
5:37 am
air and what she said that wind is really doing a number. it was foggy earlier in some areas then it has been pushed away. still foggy in others. for example if we go to the toll plaza you can see it's foggy. if you have a little bit of time to sit around at home we'll watch what steve said come true is that the fog will -- the wind will blow all this fog away eventually. out to the san mateo bridge westbound 92 still pretty foggy here. and driving will not be all that good. again as you drive to the high- rise it's okay. this is a look at the east shore. we normally show it to you on a camera. it's also fogged in on interstate 880. we can't see those cameras still a little foggy. waking up you'll be driving in fog. especially now in the inner part of the bay area. now let's go to steve. >> there is some areas of fog. the wind is beginning to take care of some of that fog and
5:38 am
blow it around. gusts about 20 now starting to pick up closer to service. 30-50 up in the higher elevations. and also out to the valley we're seeing about 15-25. so the combination is going to eventually take care of this fog. you may be driving along and have clear skies and then you'll have fog. high pressure is building in as that low digs to the east of us. high doesn't like that. as it builds in. it fills it with wind. clearing skies after the morning fog. a north wind about 20-40 miles an hour. higher gusts will be in the higher elevations. we also have to deal with some of this fog here for awhile. visibility next to nothing to a quarter of a mile an eighth of a mile. the clouds are really booting out of here really fast. clearing taking place rapidly behind that. 40s for some. 50s for others. that is because north wind at fairfield. livermore doesn't have a breeze the last time i checked. upper 40s but i think once the temperatures napa and santa
5:39 am
rosa tail off here. you can see the direction of the wicked. north 15 at vacaville. napa airport north at 5. north, northwest santa rosa that is a sign of things to come. lie pressure will be our fair weather friend. this next system runs into the big wall of it. weekend days will be nice. the mornings will be much cooler. we'll see 30s here by tomorrow morning. fog, sun, breeze or wind up in the higher elevations. 60s for temps today. looks like a sunny and beautiful day. lots of sunshine for your weekend. just cold mornings. a little cooler monday and tuesday. take a look at this. victims of this weeks tornadoes in alabama have a new problem to deal with flooding. storm drains are backed up in jefferson county and heavy rains are sending debris flowing right down the street. a flood warning is in effect through sunday morning at least 10 tornadoes swept through alabama on monday killing two
5:40 am
people. our time now 5:president opinion police crack -- 5:39 police crack down on the east bay. a payment for victims of italian cruise ship disaster. the deny e conditions they -- the conditions they must first agree to to get the money. getting up to the caldecott tunnel the traffic is moving along pretty well. we'll tell you more about the fog coming up.
5:41 am
5:42 am
good morning a lot of fog out there. for some it's wind and not too bad. but for others all seven bay area bridges have a dense fog advisory. that is the new tower of the
5:43 am
bay bridge span. all right, steve. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at the top stories we are follows for you right now. police in berkeley investigating that city's first homicide of the year. man was shot several times on shattick avenue. police think he was targeted. no arrests have been made. three people in the hospital this morning after a dramatic rescue at san francisco's ocean beach. small boat capsized last night. several people that were on the beach helped rescue those boats that were out there fighting for their lives in rough seas and very chilly waters. in just about an hour from right now president obama will unvail his plan to keep college affordable. speaking at the university of michigan the president will call on colleges and universities to control skyrocketing tuition costs. in election news this morning mitt romney and newt gingrich continue the mud slinging in the last
5:44 am
presidential debate in flor before tuesday's primary. >> maybe governor romney should tell us how much money he's made off of how many households have been foreclosed by their investments. have you checked your own investments? you also have investments in mutual funds that invested in fannie mae and freddie mac. >> rick santorum got the biggest applause of the night. >> can we set aside that newt was a member of congress and used the skills he developed as a member of congress to go out and advise companies. that is not the worst thing in the world. and mitt romney is a healthy man because he worked hard and is working hard. >> ron paul got the biggest laugh of the night when questioned about his health at age 76. ron paul challenged his rivals to a 25-mile bike race in the heat of texas. the operator of that cruise ship that ran aground in italy
5:45 am
is offering $14,000 to each passenger opinion the money is to compensate for lost baggage and psychological trauma. it's only for those that were not seriously injured when the cruise ship capsized. those that accept the offer must agree not to take any legal action against the company in the future. 4200 people were on the costa concordia. 16 people including a couple from minnesota are still missing. a shipment containing 16- kilos of cocaine was seized last week at the united nationsed male intake. it was in the a white bag with a fake u.n. logo on it. there was no name or address on the shipment that was sent from mexico city. u.n. officials say it doesn't appear anyone at the united nations had anything to do with that package. four people were killed. 22 may still be trapped inside the rubble of three buildings
5:46 am
that collapsed in rio brazil. rescue crews are still out there digging through tons of brick and twisted metal. authorities are in facing why these buildings collapsed. but there is speculation illegal construction work caused it to crumble on wednesday which took down two neighboring office buildings along with it. dozens of fugitives are off the street following a city wide police sweep in san francisco. san francisco police chief greg sur says 70 fugitives were rounded up. most of the arrests were made in the tenderloin. mostly for felonies. chief sur says there were 40 fugitives they were unable to track down but there will be more operations like this one in the future. our ktvu crew went along during the crack down. police say they arrested 11 prostitutes during the
5:47 am
operation. one of them just 16 years old. police say the city of oakland has been identified by the fbi as a hub for human trafficking. >> we also have to focus our efforts on the internet trafficking as well. you have girl's photos that are being posted and coming into hotels and oakland and other bay area cities being exploited as well. >> police say the under cover bust not only helped less cue girls but improved the quality of life in the neighborhoods. after making arrests police introduced the prostitutes to advocates that can get them help. mountain view may become the latest bay area city to ban single use plastic bags. the city council voted to draft a work plan to ban single use. carry out plastic bags anded a a ten or 15-cent charge to paper bags. it would join other cities in santa clara county. palo alto, sunnyvale and san
5:48 am
jose. it's 5:47. we want to go back to sal to check on traffic. >> right now traffic will be effected by some of the thick fog. we have put fogged a vairies on -- fog advisories on every bay area bridge. the advisories haven't been lifted. just use caution if you drive in the fog. bay bridge also has fog at the toll plaza and on the span itself. and the morning commute is looking good if you are driving on 101 and 280 as you drivedown the peninsula. fog exist there is as well. now let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. you can see the blanket of fog. up above that it's going to be clear and that fog it is right down on the ground. it's going to get blown south and east out of the picture here. the wind is really cranked up. and it's going to disappear but
5:49 am
for awhile it's the main story here. if you're up above that it might be more wind or clear skies and smooth sailing. a lot of fog here in the morning. once that clears out the north wind is already up toward the north and also in the hills and out in the valley. it will get here after the morning fog. but gusts 20-40 miles an hour. some of that thick fog out there visibility is just awful. all seven bay area bridges have a fog advisory. that dances out. you may heading out in the next 20 minutes and the fog may be gone. it has been front and center as far as the fog. the higher clouds are zooming out of the picture fast. 40s for some. 50s for others. there is a north wind out toward parts of the north bay and east bay. and out toward the valley. but that is eventually going to win out. mount diablo has a north wind of 50. and oakland hills about 30 miles an hour. it's getting closer as the high builds in the low is digging in toward the south of us.
5:50 am
that will allow the pressure gray dance to differ. thick fog for awhile and sunny and breezy. temperatures will be in the low to mid 60s. tomorrow morning will be noticeably colder. but the days will be sunny, nice, mild and warmer on saturday. twitter users may see some of their tweets blocked overseas. the san francisco based social networking company says it will sensor certain tweets on a country by country basis. twitter says it's making the change because certain countries have different ideas of freedom of expression. tech analysts say the change will allow twitter to enter countries with censorship rules. san francisco hotels are making changes to a attract more people to the restaurant. according to this mornings edition of the san francisco business times, makeovers include changing the decor and changing the names. at the four seasons the restaurant is now a contemporary steak house.
5:51 am
the hotel says business is up and more renovations are on the way. and consumers looking for great deals on big screen hd tvs before the super bowl needs to step up their game this year. this is usually a great time to buy. they slash prices in january to make room for new models. >> interesting. time is 5:51. the tragic death of a little girl in florida may soon effect california laws. why state lawmakers are debating kyle lee anthony's death and suspicion about her mother. plus why bart will spend millions to put more muscle in the transbay tube.
5:52 am
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5:54 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 5:54. and that is a mercedes that had to be pulled from a canal near los angeles. she thought she was getting on a freeway. right before she was hitting the water she was going up to 70 miles an hour. officers gave the woman a sobriety test they determined she was not drinking. yesterday the board of directors approved an $8 million contract for the next phase of the project. engineers will install steel plates inside the tube to make
5:55 am
sure it can withstand a major earthquake. the work is expected to begin in the spring and be completed in two years. 5:54. house fire in hayward lead to the discovery of a marijuana growing operation. the fire started on beckham way yesterday afternoon. as many as 800 mainlands were confiscated. they rewired the electrical system to they wouldn't have to pay high pg&e bills. that's what caused the fire. a bill inspired by the casey anthony case is heading to the california state senate. the assembly passed legislation yesterday that would make it a misdemeanor not to report a child's disappearance within 24 hours. now the bill is named caylee's law after casey anthony's daughter. the florida woman waited a month to report the two-year- old girl was missing. caylee's body was found five
5:56 am
months later. the state's supreme court recently ruled lawmakers can eliminate the states 400 community redevelopment agencies. the bill had proposed extending the deadline for doing that until april 15th. top lawmakers say the bill does not have enough support to pass. 5:55. in marin county a section of the dip sea trail reopens today after being closed more than five years. landslide cut off part of the trail. you are looking at a picture showing an 85-foot long board walk built by conservation corp north bay. grant money as long as volunteers made the project possible. it's coming up on 6:00. of course the commute gets busier out there. let's check with sal. >> and then you throw in friday to mix it up. sometimes on fridays it's lighter and gets busy later.
5:57 am
we are looking at the commutes for you. as a matter of fact the fog has been blown away as steve has mentioned. also the morning commute looks good on the sunol grade. the fog really is in the core part of the bay area. along most of the bay area bridges. 5:56 let's go back to the desk. all right just heard 5:57. we have developing news coming in from san jose. warning put out on a campus. plus a first for the city of berkeley in 2012 why homicide detectives have been on a crime scene through the night. good morning, well fog is a big story this morning. there is also wind to deal with. we'll talk about both coming right up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. we have developing news coming in from san jose. the warning police put out to students on a campus of a south bay university. we are live in berkeley where we will take you inside the crime scene of berkeley's first homicide of the year. fighting secondhand smoke. the bay area community that could pass stiff new rules. the president puts colleges and universities


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